Akhenaten was the pharaoh that introduced monotheism into Egypt, throwing out the pantheon of Gods to venerate the one true God the Aten. Reigning in the fourteenth century BC Akhenaten preceded Moses as the first great monotheist.

Akhenaten was a younger son of Amenhotep III and his Chief Queen Tiye, his elder brother was Crown Prince Thutmose (Tuthmoses). His mother had a strange heritage as she was the daughter of Yuya and Tjuyu. It has been proposed that Yuya was Joseph of biblical history and a member of the Hiberu tribe that previously ruled Lower Egypt, also known as the Shepherd Kings.

History is vague about how Akhenaten attained the thrown over his elder brother and it has been proposed that Thutmose died, but others had different ideas. In his 1939 book Moses and Monotheism Sigmund Freud presented the idea that Crown Prince Thutmose's younger brother Akhenaten was associated with the Biblical character Moses. The idea was more recently (1998) reconsidered by Egyptologist Jan Assmann in Moses the Egyptian. The idea that Thutmose himself was Moses has not received the same attention, although the previous cited examples point out that the Moses' name is possibly a common element of Egyptian names (e.g. Thut-MOSE, "Son of Thoth," Ra-MOSE, "Son of Ra"). The canonical Christian Acts of the Apostles (7:22) further claims that "Moses was educated in all the wisdom of the Egyptians" -- such as a Priest of Ptah or Aten.

Anyway Thutmose left the door open for his younger brother to take the throne and lead to a period of unrest between the Pharaoh and the priestly elect. He also produced a wondrous hymn to the one God Aten (or Aton), which many have resurfaced 100’s of years later as one of the Psalms in the early Jewish faith. But if they do have a common history does this mean that the Jewish faith is based on that of Akhenaten? Are the Hiberu one and the same as the Hebrew? Was Joseph the father-in law of the heretical Pharaoh? And Finally was the Patriarch Abraham the first of the Shepherd Kings and at one time Pharaoh of lower Egypt?